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          I lead the world, you and I, your happiness, my full escort!
          On eight continents:
            Eight delta was founded in 2008, eight states (Hunan) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is production base of the eight states through eight Island headquarters, eight states (Shenzhen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is eight delta Shenzhen Branch, is now in Shenzhen, Hunan, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, China, and other province with branch.
          Through eight states created in the world financial crisis period, take the bull by the horns, difficulties, create jobs, win the value, to extricate the unremitting efforts of the world financial crisis, for the world provides numerous advanced types of security equipment, channel safety management, harmony of human, personal and property ANN to provide the effective guarantee. Is a set of R & D design, manufacturing, and sales and installation and system integration in one of the high-tech enterprises.
            Since the company set up a few years to set up a professional roadblocks after accumulation and precipitation of R & D team, for many years, with many years of production experience, with the company's strong strong R & D strength, the unique advantages of efforts to integrate the field of science and technology, carries on the analysis to the security industry application of various types of equipment, from the gateway equipment development into a single have: Hydraulic roadblock machine (flip), fear (lift), wall lifting track rod, hydraulic lifting column, electric lifting column, manual lifting column, pressure type, fixed type and movable type, wing gate, swing gate, three roller gates, revolving door, swing door, cross channel gate, intelligent pedestrian management equipment, unmanned intelligent parking lot system, intelligent gateway system, intelligent access control, attendance system charges, counter-terrorism, anti-collision, intelligent management and other diversified equipment Enterprise. This series of products widely used in high-grade residential areas, bank, commercial square, pedestrian street, military bases, the administrative center of the square, factories, 4S shop, hotel, gas station, hydropower station, science and Technology Museum, the Museum of art, power companies, airports, and cultural center, commercial buildings, prisons, procuratorate, court, Public Security Bureau, schools, customs, park, supermarket, resorts, highways, fuel station and other types of important places. And with mandatory intercept, bearing, high anti-collision capability, stable lifting, etc., high price and technology at home and abroad reached level.
          Company's product range, along with the security market demand expansion and expanding, accompanied by security market from immature to mature, depending on the security market that the dedication and experience accumulation, and rely on the core technology and key components of precision manufacturing has formed its own unique advantages, and has established long-term strategic cooperation relationship with many international well-known brand companies. Pass eight continents have been ranked the top three domestic security industry. Welcome to all regions of the country agents and distributors to join; at the same time, also welcome OEM / ODM, foreign trade companies to come to negotiate. Our company can according to the diversification of customer needs, provide a full range of design and technical service support.
          Professional team, scientific management, first-class products. Through eight states to regulate the modern enterprise management system as the criterion, adhere to the long-term development of the industry in the future to guide enterprises, strict implementation of quality standards for the industry and in environmental protection system of the ISO9001 standard as the basic constraints, eight states will go green and win-win and share the social responsibility of the long-term development of the road.
            Through eight states with the purpose of "design innovation, service leader," the quality policy, "pursuit of the details" and "humanization" of the design concept, relying on excellent stability quality, fashion design, with high price, advanced technology and perfect after-sales service, won the majority of users of the trust and recognition. At present, the company's business has covered all parts of the country and the world.
          Through eight continents has been adhering to the "integrity, innovation, high efficiency, win-win" business philosophy. Decade of grinding sword, today through eight states will with more full of enthusiasm, attentive service, professional technology and rich practice experience, for users provide first-class products. And the courage to innovate and continue beyond, we will Yang Qi industry leading sail, leading the security into a new era, and we create tomorrow! Make more and greater contributions to society!
            Strategic objectives: to create a more perfect and more intelligent system as our eternal pursuit. Continue to focus on R & D investment, to ensure the continuous innovation of products and technology leader. Do the world's most professional, the best intelligent security equipment suppliers one of the crash.
          The eight states is the goal of "world from the security industry's first", creating the world famous brand China ji!
          Corporate vision:
          I lead the world, you and me, I care you he would need it, harmony!
          Corporate mission:
          Convergence of first-class talent, design - class products, cast - class brand.